Children's Sweaters Size 2 up

Teddy with feet!

$25 3/4yrs This adorable teddy sweater has the feet hanging down below!

Pink Elephants!

$20 5yr. Such a sweet little elephant knitted right in to this lovely turtleneck.

Good Luck Elephant!

$25 2/3yrs This lovely little sweater with the elephant patch is so huggable! note: pink appears as two colours in the photo, but it is a true pink, not salmon.

Cat Motif Sweater

$20 4yr. This cream Turtleneck has a multicolour little cat with a ribbon on its tail.

Yellow Cheer

$20 2/3yrs 'Yellow Cheer' Bright and cheery and so very very soft! Daisy decoration on the upper back as well. Knit by hand with love.

En France

$25 Set, 2/3 yrs 'En France' This cardigan was hand knitted with a French blend of cotton, wool and linen. Very Chic, 7 silver buttons and turn up cuffs.


$25 3yr. So Preppy in this grey and white striped cardigan. Beautiful knit by our talented volunteers.


$20 4+ 'Bolero' A short sleeved Bolero sweater in a soft blend of brown, peach and white with neat white trim on hem, collar and cuffs. Hand knit with Love!

Flower Applique

$20 4yr old beautiful Flower Applique sweater brings a fresh, clean look to help up through the lingering winter weather.

'Pretty in Pink'

$25 3yr. 'Pretty in Pink' Sweet knitted sweater in pink, mauve and white. Hand knit by our talented volunteers.

Beautiful Dress and socks

$25 4yrs. such a 'Beautiful Dress' for your lovely Princess! Hand crocheted by our talented volunteers.


$20 4/5 Surprise! This Golden Brown sweater comes with two pockets and a surprise Police car in one of them! Hand made for you!

Soft Stripes

$25 , 3/4yrs 'Soft Stripes' This lovely, one of a kind, hand knitted sweater blends the colours of its stripes so softly. And it feels just as soft to touch!

$15 age 3 Flower Child

$15 age 3. 'Flower Child' Retro vest crocheted by hand with big daisy closing.

Geometric Set

$20 Age 4+ 'Geometric Set' This bold striped sweater set will look lovely on your little dear. Hand made for you.

Sea Stripes

$25 4+yrs 'Sea Stripes' all the beautiful colours of the ocean in this lovely sweater. Hand made for you.

Ready for my date!

$25 2/3yrs Gorgeous stripes set off this jacket and hat set.

Navy sweater with hood

$25 4yr, Beautiful navy sweater with hood, and little anchor buttons. Ready for a sea voyage! Hand made with love.

Happy Set

$25 , 2/3 yrs Happy Set Beautiful Hand Knitted outfit of Coat and hat. Deep maroon with happy orange trim. 2 pockets, flower button and hat to match!


$35 set age 4+ 'Winter' All set for winter with this hoodie sweater and hat. Grey with white and red trim. Knit by hand for you.

Turtleneck grey/br

$15 4/5 'Turtleneck' A lovely blend of grey, brown and cream in this acrylic turtleneck. Hand knit for you.

'Turquoise Stripes'

$25 Age 5 'Turquoise Stripes'of greens and blues make up the lively stripes on this soft and huggable sweater! Flecked buttons for trim. Hand knitted with love!

Dynamite Stripes

$15 6/8yrs. 'Dynamite Stripes' This beautiful blend of colours with turquoise trim is will keep your little one warm indeed! Hand made for you.

Bright Flecks

$25 5/7 "Bright Flecks' Flecks of orange, turquoise and cream brighten this dark blue sweater. Hand knit with love.

Modern Look

$25 5yrs. This rolled-edge look at the neck cuffs and waist tells everyone your little dear is hip with modern fashion.

Red Turtleneck

$15 4/6yrs Red Turtleneck This Christmas Red sweater is perfect for the season and will brighten spirits throughout the winter. Hand knit with love.