Who are in this Group of Volunteers Called 'Crafties'

We are a group of women who volunteer.

At the beginning of the Covid Epidemic, most of us belonged to a craft group at St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church, Scarborough, Ontario. We 'Crafties' worked on items to sell at the church bazaar to help with fund raising and to support the

church by paying for improvements or special items. 

There was some crossover of women in our Pastoral Care Group. The Pastoral care group provided items such as lap and bed

blankets, fidget blankets, teddies, chemo shawls and turbans and bereavement packages to Centenary Hospital. 

The Pandemic brought new requests, and The Scarborough Health Network  needed our help all 3 hospitals sites: Centenary, Scarborough General, and Birchmount. All staff needed ear savers. That took the form of crocheted and knitted ear saver strips with buttons, hats with buttons and hairbands with buttons (we've sewn on over 9000 buttons!)

We also made washable scrub bags: staff could now remove soiled scrubs, carry them home safely and throw the whole bag into

the washer. We filled our request of 1700 sets of hats, bag and earsavers. We are still working on our second request for another

1000 earsavers. We also give out mask holders to the SHN at cost for their fundraising.

The Pastoral care group could not handle SHN's request alone, so they came to the 'Crafties'. Then we turned to our communities

in The lakeside east end of Scarborough: West Hill, Highland Creek, Rouge Highlands, Guildwood Village and beyond into Pickering.

We soon had many "honourary Crafties". Some sewed beautiful hats and bags, some sewed buttons, some cut material, some

donated it. Our Community came through with great generosity though gifts of service, materials, time and money. 

Our work throughout this time has given us a sense of purpose and feeling that we are doing something positive to help.

Meanwhile, our talents and creativity also goes into the items we offer to support our church.

Please browse the pages and help keep our group going through your support. We are now knitting to supply hats and blankets for

the outreach program at All Saints Church, Toronto as well as continuing to stock our Boutique with our beautiful, hand-crafted products.

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